Raiatea & Tahaía

The twin islands of Raiatea and Tahaa are rich tropical islands with inaccessible valleys and deep bays making it an exceptional sailing destination. The twin islands sharing a common lagoon lie in the heart of the Society Islands just east of Bora Bora and although in size are the second largest islands of the group, few tourists visit except for those who stay on the fabulous Tahaa Resort where gorgeous beaches can be found on the small motu islands off the north coast.

Raiatea - The Sacred Island
Raiatea, meaning "faraway heaven" and "sky with soft light", was first named Havai'i after the homeland of the ancient Polynesians and is the most sacred island in the South Pacific. This, the second largest Tahitian isle, was the center of religion and culture over 1000 years ago and still lends enchantment to ancient legends told to this day. The green-carpeted mountains include the celebrated Mt. Temehani, a sort of Polynesian Mt. Olympus.
Tiare Apetahi Flower - Upon Mt. Temehani on Raiatea lives the Tiare Apetahi, a flower so rare it can be grown no place else on earth. Each dawn the petals open with a slight crackling sound. Legends describe this as the sound of the broken heart of a common women who was not allowed to marry the son of the Tahitian king.
Some of the most popular activities for visitors include: Island Exploration, Sail Boat Charter, Faaroa River Trip, Marae Exploration (Raiatea’s Taputapuatea), diving, snorkeling, picnic on your own island, guided hike to the slopes of Mount Temahani, 4X4 Safaris to explore the remote interior roads and coastal villages, vanilla plantations and family-owned pearl farms, lagoon excursions by powered outrigger canoe, glass-bottomed boat, motor boat, kayak, or jetskiing, circle-island tours by bus or private car, deep-sea fishing, Botanical gardens,
sea turtle preserve and snorkeling excursions around the islands and motu. Raiatea's primary resort,
Raiatea Hawaiki Nui offers sunrise views and close proximity to the main town of Uturoa. Only 10 minutes from the airport, the resort features a full service restaurant and 28 bungalows to suit your every choice: lagoonside, overwater, and garden. Only 5 minutes from the airport is the Raiatea Lodge Resort. As a small country hotel it enjoys a very special position, with a beautiful garden in which to lounge, a pool for relaxing,
a jetty, a surprising snorkeling spot and easy access to the motu (small island) of Miri Miri with its white-sand beach.

Taha’a - The Vanilla Island
Taha'a, just a few minutes north of Raiatea, offers a glimpse of the traditional, tranquil life of Tahitians.
Taha’a can only be reached by boat. The 4,000 residents fish from the lagoon and raise livestock. What makes the island so appealing is the gorgeous uninhabited motu off the north coast and its four deep bays that cut right into the island. Largest of these is Hamene Bay that almost cuts the island into two. Taha'a is called the vanilla island, for its many plantations of this sought-after spice. The rich aroma of vanilla wafts across the breezes. Each November, this island comes alive with a Stone Fishing tournament. In the method of their ancestors, the villagers wade into the lagoon, beating the water with stones tied to ropes. The frenzy frightens the schools of fish, driving them ashore, where they are easily collected for a feast. The two primary resorts of Taha'a are both located on their own private islands and range from high-end luxury to simple and charming.
Le Tahaa Private Island Resort & Spa
, a member of the Pearl Resorts Hotel Group is one of the most luxurious resorts in all of Tahiti. Located just offshore of Taha'a, in a pristine lagoon surrounded by white sand beaches, the Le Taha'a Private Island & Spa provides spectacular views of Taha'a and Bora Bora. Located in the middle of of the Taha'a lagoon is the charming Vahine Island, Private Island Resort. This resort features twenty three acres of white sand beaches including a coconut grove, three overwater bungalows and six beach bungalows nestled among an array of tropical flowers.